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About BTC

BTC a grandiose educational Organization born in the year 2017 is in the forefront to victory in education. Its’ primary concern has been to ensure that every student big or small, rich or poor, without bias gets the right nurturing and best attention from our devoted and professional staff.   BTC initially opened its doors to support prospective students seeking higher education abroad to enhance their career path. Their unique and friendly performance earned the company’s values with the community. Having earned a reputation, shortly, the Organization had the privilege of introducing its sister Institute IMAS to teach Abacus, a Japanese Mental Arithmetic System to educate children in the age group of 4 to 12 years. This course allows and helps children to be skilled in the System to do mental arithmetic in a simple way.  

BTC didn’t stop here but aimed and devoted their attention to provide Tertiary education to those aspiring ABE courses in Sri Lanka and Malaysia where it fosters and creates an environment that is supportive and encouraging to students who are seeking higher education to create a viable pathway and groom their professional career at an affordable cost.

ABE course enhances and provides an exemplary educational experience that builds up an international perspective developed through the diverse programmes. Our students on achieving the academic progress, earn good qualities, leadership, integrity, adoptability, pliability into becoming better citizens of their own country or anywhere in the world they choose to live.   

BTC is an independent Institute where we strive to create a conducive environment and students are encouraged to build up self-confidence and be prepared to face a successful future wherever they choose to work or become a successful entrepreneur.

Message from Managing Director

With great delight I wish to introduce Braintree Campus (BTC) who are leading the way for prospective students seeking ABE programs at an affordable cost. Having deep passion for students’ studies, I am happy to present ABE as a recognized platform that leads prospective students to succeed in their career path and to create a prosperous future. This popular program which is currently heading its way in over 40 countries with approximately 100 branches spread out across the world, has a registered volume of over 2.1 million candidates presently reading for these programs. BTC’s aim is to devote their attention to offer the prospective students who are ambitious in reading for ABE courses.  The students will also be entitled to work in diverse fields on achievement of this program. The qualification will entail them to have access to work in different sectors on varied job titles in any part of the world they choose to live. I encourage all to visit our website to obtain comprehensive knowledge on the programs, benefits and career path. The other Directors of our Board, Lecturers and staff are readily available to broadly welcome you to guide you on the enrollment process to obtain this world recognized program and face your future with confidence to make your future a better place.  

Wishing everyone a successful future 

Saranya Suriyaprakasam

Managing Director 

Director’s Message

It’s my great pleasure to share this brief message to all across the globe to say a few words about what ABE can do for you. ABE is a world recognized Business qualification which permits those who successfully complete the program to live and work in any part of the world on different job titles they choose. Based in Wales UK, my honor is to warmly welcome you to Britain or any other multinational country where you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with diverse ethnic groups and be confident with your future and career. Counting many years in the field of education, my ardent passion is to make the future generation have the best future for which I assure my fullest support. ABE curriculum which allows work while you study is a dual pathway that permits you two qualifications within the frame.

A visit to our BTC website will give you useful and comprehensive information on the programs offered by us. Our lecturers and friendly staff can be approached any time if you need more information and clarifications on the ABE programs 

Finally, my advice to all the prospective students is, with my personal experience and counting many years in the educational sector, I strongly believe that those who aspire ABE courses will never leave room for regrets or need to turn back. 

Wishing everyone all the best in your future endeavors

Robert G. Davies      

Mission & Vision

Our Motto:Education is about academic excellence and cultural diversity.

Vision: Teach students to acquire and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to succeed at all stages of their education and equip them with high aspirations for their future lifelong learning.

Values: An unwavering belief in all students' potential / Respect for other communities.

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